A new way to own and publish books

Codex is a new decentralized marketplace for the publication, purchase, exchange and sale of digital books, powered by the Flow Blockchain.

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What is Codex?

A brand new decentralized marketplace

Our aim is to transform our relationship with authors and publishers and to revolutionize the way we consume literary and graphic works through a decentralized approach where we redistribute the cards of ownership and transparency.

Decentralized Digital Marketplace

Codex is a highly decentralized digital marketplace which means authors and readers have the power to revolutionize the publishing world. We even the odds for new authors by bringing a fair platform.

Trustworthy and fair

We place authors at the center of our platform, offering them a free and beneficial environment where their creativity is not restricted and where they will be sure to be fairly remunerated.

Limited copies

As in real life, the books have a limited number of prints. Codex is creating the first digital printing factory where each author can set the number of copies for their books.

Resale books that you owns

Codex is creating a new economy based on resale : digital books bought on Codex are belonging to you, which means you can resale any books you own.

The authors

A fair and free plateform for Authors

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The mission of Codex is to allow each author to be able to express theirselves freely, without financial restrictions linked to the publication, without restriction of a publishing house, without restriction of a sales platform and to be able to manage the marketing as well as the promotion of a literary work on a fair and equitable platform.

As the author, you will receive 80% of the selling price of a literary work, the Codex platform will collect 5% to amortize the cost of operation as well as 15% to amortize development and generate profits.

You will be the heart of Codex, which is why we want to offer you a clear and transparent platform, allowing you to pursue your passion in a community of readers curious about new creative ambitions.

The marketplace

Where creativity meets technology

Our marketplace highlights authors from all backgrounds, and we want to promote the diversity and artistic quality of works. Whether you are Mangaka, fan of epic novels or fan of comics, you will find your place within Codex.

Each purchased work will become your property, which you can read, sell and trade. It will be stored in a virtual library in a decentralized manner and accessible to all.

We will make sure that every virtual work on our platform is an original and Blockchain verified work, and therefore you will own every work that you buy or publish on Codex.

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Powered by the Blockchain ecosystem

Codex rely on industry leading solutions in the Blockchain ecosystem, such as Alchemy for our provider and Flow for our Blockchain.

Frequently asked questions

A book reader has been specially developed for Codex, each book purchased on our platform will end up in your virtual library and you can read it directly from your browser on desktop, tablet or mobile!

We thought of Codex as an application that facilitates the integration of the Blockchain and makes it invisible. Therefore, prices are displayed in fiat currency (Euros, Dollars, etc.) to avoid the friction associated with the use of cryptocurrencies. If you prefer to buy your books on Codex in cryptocurrency it is possible, your profile is equipped with a wallet allowing the purchase of cryptocurrency.

Once a digital book has been purchased on our platform, it is therefore in your possession, you are the real owner of the virtual good that you have just purchased. So you can keep it in your virtual library, read it and once finished, sell it! You set the price, a commission rate set by the author during the digital edition of the book will be paid to him on all resales of his works.

Codex being an integral part of a decentralized approach, we do not store the books on a classic server but on an IPFS server (Interplanetary File System). This means that we do not depend on a centralized server but on a decentralized server that works peer-to-peer! As a result, each of the works published on Codex will last forever and will be accessible regardless of your location.

If a work does not comply with the rules of the Codex platform, it will be quarantined before a more in-depth analysis and if after this analysis we confirm that it does not comply with our rules, it will then be deleted from the platform.

As an author you will benefit from several advantages by publishing your book on Codex: we provide you with an environment conducive to your success, allowing you to gain visibility and revenue. Your books are published digitally, your readers will actually own the purchased works, and you will be paid 80% of the selling price of a work as well as a commission on each resale.

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